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Sunday 21st, July


A memorial is an infinite tribute that acknowledges the life of a loved one. It should be durable and ideally constructed from natural stone, marble, granite or limestone to withstand the test of time. It should also have room for future inscriptions and if erected by a competent monumental sculptor with a little maintenance it should be still standing as a record and tribute to our children's, children's children.

A company unreservedly dedicated to the design, sculpture, erection and renovation of headstone memorials and monuments. Within this website you will find a collection of the most desirable memorials in granite and limestone as well as coloured granites from all over the world and an assortment of accessories that will provide a tasteful finishing touch to any memorial.

All designs and shapes are interchangeable and should you have your own design in mind our craftsmen can sculpt a memorial to your precise specification.Our experienced staff can also advise you on the various cemetery regulations which apply as to the type of materials and size of the memorials that are permitted and of any charges payable to the cemetery authorities.

We can also provide advise on the wording on the final inscription and assist you in choosing an appropriate design incorporated in your memorial to reflect the life and achievements of your loved one. Photographic representations of the deceased can be etched onto the memorial or a ceramic photo plaque can be attached to the memorial or on any sundry items such as hearts, plaques, books etc as illustrated throughout this Bohernabreena Headstones website

Please feel free to contact us at any stage